GIMP 2.10 and RT on Win7 ?

Hello everyone,

I can not use RT as an opening plugin for my RAW files; on the other hand Darktable works very well.

A solution ?

unfortunately there’s a bug in 5.4, and as a result the plugin for gimp doesn’t work on windows. fortunately, the bug has been fixed in dev. if you install a nightly build, it should work (disclaimer: I don’t use Windows, I haven’t tested this)

Thanks a lot Alberto…

I’m sorry but I can not find this version despite my research.
All that I find is the one I already have, that is, the version of March 20, 18.
I will wait.

(Download RawTherapee development builds)

go to the windows section then to this link:


note: the second field is the branch name (here you get a dev build)

I update the builds every day, so you can get the last version for each active branch.

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, it still does not work and I still do not have RT in the RAW conversion plugin. (see screenshot)

So I have a Win 7 Pro, the GIMP 2.10 and RT 5.4-267-geab74834.
I did not do anything special to have DarkTable … maybe we have to do a special manipulation for RT?

Forget it, I’ll do without this feature and will gimp_RTuse DarkTable.


In order to record RT as a raw plugin in GIMP, you need presently to include the path of the RT exe in the PATH environment variable.
This works on my W10 system.

I think that darktable uses a registry key in order to be recorded as a raw plugin.

note: you should have also Nufraw

I should prefer the second method as it is automatic.
I showed in a github ticket (Rawtherapee as a GIMP plugin · Issue #4534 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub) that it is very simple to generate the expected registry key during install.
What is more difficult is to modify the plugin to use the key and test.
Could you help with @heckflosse to implement that?

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I’ll see what I can do. stealing from the dt plugin shouldn’t be too hard :slight_smile:

I have no news about the opening of RT by GIMP that does not work …
Are there solutions?
This is not really penalizing, but it would make life easier: o)

No news of you since my post 13 days ago. Did you try what I suggested? It works on W10.
In order not to be annoyed when installing a new dev build, you should install them in the same location.


Yes, of course, and I tried all kinds of things:
I added a path for RT, (system and app) I uninstalled GIMP and reinstalled it in the hope that it would recognize RT during its installation.
I tried your versions from 267 to the last,
I searched the Internet a lot …
Obviously, as I said, it is not of capital importance, but only the interest of a better ergonomics.

It now only works with a dev build. So:

  • For the first, install a dev build. you recognize it as it has “_dev_” in the name

  • The install dir path can be for instance C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\5.4-298-gbed8e8914

  • second: put this exact path in the PATH environment variable(user or system as you want)

  • start GIMP. The plugin is registered during GIMP initialisation

  • You can also install the successive dev builds in a fixed location as for instance C:\Program Files\Rawtherapee\ dev or whereever you want, such as to avoid mofifying PATH.

I think there is nothing else to try.
Hope this helps and you can use the plugin.

Thank you for your help ,

I do not know if I make a mistake, but it does not work.
Attached are screenshots of the latest RT version, what I found in GIMP and what I put in Path …
Well, do not insist, it does not matter; when I want to use RT with GIMP, I first open RT and pass the result to G.
It’s less convenient, but it works.


It works here on Win10 after adding C:\Program Files\RawTherapee\ to the path.
Partha’s Gimp.

I’m open to keep trying…despite I’m not convinced…
No, it doesn’t ok.

I even tried to copy all the files of the RT-5.4.298 directly in the “rawtherapee” folder without any success…

Partha GIMP… partha GIMP… ?! :hushed:

I’m using the official GIMP 2.10.0

Here you can get Partha’s builds with some additional goods preinstalled. Like G’MIC, LightZone plugin, and so on.
I’m using his Gimp 2.10/64 standard edition with RT_dev_5.4-298-gbed8e8914_WinVista_64.

Thank you very much ; I will test tonight or tomorrow morning

I was too impatient …
G EN I A L E !!! it works !
thank you very much.
Last question: I did not have time to search; how do you select one of the darktable or RT?

Thanks again.

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Just select what you wish in Preferences/Image Import … and restart the Gimp.

Ok, it’s definitely OK and I thank you again.

It was not obvious to me because the bar of choice is almost the same color as the bottom of the screen and I’m rather in a hurry at the moment…

I hope my basic question can also help another senile old man like me.