GIMP 2.10 including gutenprint and gmic for Ubuntu 19.04

Hi All,
Did search for latest GIMP 2.10 including GMIC (as plugin) and gutenprint.
Can somebody inform me the place where i can download it. I did install the packages seperately but it will not work.
I use at the moment Ubuntu 19.04.
I appreciate any help.

How about
where you will find gimp-gutenprint, gimp, and gimp-gmic? All available through your synaptic.

Claes in Lund, Zweden

Hi Claes,
Many thanks. Super everything available and up and running. Yesterday i did get on this site but made some reading mistakes. Did not watch-out to install the appropriate deb for GMIC as plugin for Gimp.
So my search for the deb’s needed is complete. Again many thanks.