Gimp 2.10.x vs GIMP 2.99.x drag n'drop foreground/background color


In Gimp 2.10 I always grab the color directly from the foreground/background color icon and drop it directly on a layer or a mask or a channel and it works like a charm.

In Gimp 2.99 I cannot do it anymore…
Still, I can drag n drop the color from the “change foreground/background color” windowscreenshot_20210127-122645
But not anymore directly from the tool foreground/background

Does it mean that in the future Gimp 3 we will not be able to do it anymore?

I’m on Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 Gimp PPA + AppImage for the stable and AppImage for the development version

2.99 is an development version with a lot of bugs. You should report this bug in the bug tracker to inform the developers.

I did report it
GIMP 2.99 can't drag n drop directly from the foreground-background tool (#6354) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab as you suggested
thanks for your answer

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This appears to be working again, likely due to the changes done to fix the similar issue Drag'n dropping image on Canvas or toolbox doesn't work on Wayland (#7373) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab