Gimp 2.9x or 2.10

I have this problem from time to time and wonder what I must be doing wrong. I select a paintbursh, but then cannot find the area in the dockable (or docked) window to adjust the size, etc. There is a scroll button, but it only scrolls that part of the dialog that shows the available brush shapes. How do I access the rest of the dialog so that I can adjust the brush size. The opacity “slider” is showing, but not much else.

I think there is a button somewhere to make the whole dialog appear, but I cannot remember where it is.

I have been using 2.9x for some time. An update to Ubuntu 17.10 yesterday replaced that version with 2.10 RC#1 which is fine by me. Now, I just need to get past this one little issue which I think is not really related to the version of Gimp that I’m using. It’s something I’m doing wrong.

Advice appreciated.



I found the answer. There is a row of icons just below the area where you can toggle the brush color. The leftmost of these opens the tool options dialog. Now, if I coud just remember how to mark this thread solved, i would do so.

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@carusoswi Mark it by editing the title of your thread.


Ok, thanks.