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Not strictly AppImage related, but does anyone know where the ‘color grading’ filter in g’mic has disappeared to? It used to be under ‘colors’, but is not there in this version.



Another indispensable plugin: indexprint !!!

(Mica) #223

@fotonut have you refreshed the filter list with the “online” box checked?


yup, that did it. Thanks @paperdigits


Hmm…Emperors New Clothes.

I would be careful adding too much. One persons vital plugin is another’s “Well…I can live without that…”

Think about that dreadful debian package that loads dozens of never-to-be-used scripts into Gimp’s root directories. That is where you can get the webexport plugin.

Save (should be export) for web. Ancient. A modern substitute could be BIMP. This does work with your latest appimage.

Or probably a better way is a David writing a gmic filter equivalent to Save-for-Web.

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On Ubuntu 16.04 I get when launching on a console, any instances of ImportError: could not import pygtk

I think you should bundle python-gtk inside the AppImage (like Python itself and any other modules that might be needed). Maybe it would even speed up the launch a bit, by not having to do the many backtraces.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #227

Yes, I need to look into that.

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #228

Is there any Elle’s Stone ppa version yet?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #229

I will provide it during this week, together with the “official” one…

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #230

Are the elles_icc_profiles included in the ppa file?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #231

I have produced up-to-date AppImage packages for both the standard and “Elle’s color-enhanced” versions of Gimp, using current GIT HEAD versions of all relevant libraries. The updated links are available from the Community-built software page.

@Eduardo_Bohoyo Elle’s profiles are not included in the bundle, but you can get them from here:

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #232

Weird: in the install notes she uses an .exe file!!!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #233

Yes, this is a bit strange… in any case, I think you do not need to compile and run the software, just take the .icc files from here.

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #234

OK. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #235

Ah! I suppose it is enough to copy them in my /usr/share/color/icc/ folder/… Or is there any way to implement them by means of my home directory if I wanted them installed only for myself? :rolling_eyes:

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #236

I answer myself: you can create this path in your home: /.color/icc/elles_icc_profiles-master.
After, you can copy within the downloaded profiles.
Maybe that was known by everyone except by my :blush:.

(Pat David) #237

Also, @Elle is here on the forums if you wanted to ask her yourself. :slight_smile:

(Eduardo Bohoyo) #238

Oh, thanks David. I didn’t know that.[quote=“Carmelo_DrRaw, post:240, topic:1959”]
I think that no extension is the most “universal” choice

Apart from I think my “problem” :relieved: with the profiles has been solved with the creation of the home folder /.color, I agree because I see this profiles inclusion not like an installation, rather as an enrichment of variety; which is no small thing, no matter if it is for GIMP or for any other program, isn’t it?

(Elle Stone) #239

I’m not sure what the question is. But regarding the “.exe” in “how-to-compile-and-run.txt”, the file name and extension for the executable is completely arbitrary, you can name the executable anything you want.

I used “exe” in the sample compile command because most people probably understand that “exe” means it’s executable. But in retrospect that was probably a confusing extension to use as it might imply “Windows only” and I’m not even sure if my code compiles on Windows.

So I need some advice: What is a better file extension to use in the “how-to” file? Maybe .bat? or just not add a file extension?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #240

I think that no extension is the most “universal” choice, as it is valid both for Linux and osx…

By the way, will you have the possibility to test the CCE appimage to see if all works correctly?