GIMP being sold on Amazon

While looking for alpha generating software on Amazon, I saw that GIMP was being sold on Amazon by PixelClassics. How is it possible for someone to sell software that’s freely given go those who want to use it? Is this legal? I did notify Amazon of this and am now posting on this site what I’ve found so someone involved with the development of GIMP can look into this matter.

Yes, it’s perfectly legal, if ethically dubious. You’ll also find it (along with Libre Office, Linux and who knows what else) on eBay.

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Hi Donatzsky,

Thank you for the reply.

It doesn’t seem right for someone to sell something that’s free to download. There is a comment on Amazon, in the customer section for that DVD, where a customer has told others that GIMP is free to download and not to buy the software. This whole thing sounds like a big scam and shouldn’t be allowed.

I have another question I can’t find the answer to anywhere. Can GIMP be used to create alpha patterns? I’ve found some pictures I’d like to use to make macrame wall hangings, but need a grid pattern of the picture to know what color goes where when tying knots. I did make one pattern for a picture by ‘showing gird’ then taking a screenshot of the final product. That works okay, with some color adjustments for the grid color, but I’m wondering if there’s another way to do what I want.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Jamie L Patterson

The main GIMP webpage has an answer page specifically addressing this concern.

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If they beef up the GIMP with multiple plugins (i.e., include Resynthesizer, and G’MIC as well as the User filter) and such along with some written tutorials (i.e, aimed at beginners) as well as point out that the GIMP itself is free, then I have no real issue with this. My own bias would never pay for this, but I’ve been using the GIMP for well over 20 years. Someone not as experienced might not want to dredge the net for tuts and would be glad to have a documented program with hints to get them started. To each his/her own. :slight_smile: