Gimp changed color of text layer after export

Hi there! After trying several things and searching the Internet, I decided to try my luck here :smiley:

I have following issue:
I created an artwork on the Procreate App on my Ipad, exported it as a PSD file, opened it on Gimp and saved it as a xcf file. Then I created a text layer in this xcf file with a sepecific color. But when I export that xcf file as JPG or as PNG, the color of the Text layer is different. But all the other layers I created in Procreate and not in Gimp itself stay the same. The odd thing is, that the text layer is displayed in Gimp itself the way it should, but when I display it on my Photo viewer App (I use Windows) or in my Browser, the color looks different. I thought that it’s maybe due to the color Profile of the Apps, but as I opened the file in Procreate, I discovered, that all colors stayed the same, but only the text layer looks different - the text layer has the color, as it is displayed in the Browser or the Photo App. I am so confused right now… why does Gimp export only that one layer differently then the other ones and why does it change the color? It looks the right way in the Gimp App itself.

I would appreciate it so much, if somebody could help me out! :smiley:

Open an issue in the gimp issue tracker: