GIMP-Create Bordered text around a circle

I am looking at tutorials to create text with a border around a circle. I find tutorials for creating text around a circle or creating text with a border but not both? Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Something like this ? Not the best of examples.

You have probably already done the requirements but not together. Whichever way you got the text around the circle, you should end up with it as a path.

Two layers required.
Top one for the fill Edit → Fill Path
Layer under that for the text border Edit → Stroke path

I’d lazily try to hack through this task using the drop shadow plugin ^^ changing width and color of the shadow and cutting the blur …

Hi @cb2023, and welcome!

Would it be considered cheating not using The Gimp?
Here is a swifty made with imagemagick.

arc.txt (435 Bytes)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Rich2005 yes exactly like that.

I tried with the drop shadow filter but then I couldnt add that text to the path. The option becomes unavailable when I apply the drop shadow filter.

A quick demo, maybe the odd tip in it you can use. Last time I did one on this subject it was when Gimp 2.8 came out.

Thanks Rich I got it worked out with your help. I was just doing things in the wrong order.