Gimp for digital art?

Hello. Due to increased cost of living, I am trying to reduce subscriptions. One of these is Photoshop, and I am replacing it with Gimp for photograph work.

I also use Photoshop to create 30" x 20" artworks for charity (see ).

Is there a tutorial somewhere for doing this kind of project in GIMP, or would somebody recommend a different free open source software?

many thanks.

Tog :slight_smile:

Hi @Togfather,

Are you on Linux, Windows, or a McThing?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Your artworks are very vector-ish and Inkscape might be a better bet for those circles / triangles and shapes. their forum Home - Inkscape Forum

For shapes in Gimp, usually created first as a path and then filled / stroked as required. There are various plugins to assist.

For painting and drawing, especially if you have a graphics tablet there is MyPaint Looks like the old webpage is gone but description and downloads here: GitHub - mypaint/mypaint: MyPaint is a simple drawing and painting program that works well with Wacom-style graphics tablets. Gimp also uses the old mypaint brushes and supports .ora (openraster multi-layer) files.

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Hello Claes.

I am on windows 11. I once won a holiday to Sweden, which was based in Stockholm, and included the opportunity to fly a plane at the Saab factory and airfield in Linköping. I flew the Saab Safari plane with an instructor for a couple of hours and did everything, including looping and flying upside down. It was an amazing week, and we were given a Saab 9000 to drive for the week. We were in a five star hotel in Stockholm and had a “Key to Stockholm” card that got us into loads of places for free.

That was way back in 1991, and I will never forget it. You couldn’t buy a holiday like that.

Best wishes.

Tog :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich. I will check those out.

Tog :slight_smile:

There’s also Krita.

Gimp is great for editing photo, you can also use krita and mypaint for digtal painting.
Inkscape is great for vector drawing and graphic design. blender is great for 3D animation and modeling.