Gimp from MS Store does not update

I installed 2.10.36 from MS Store and can see that there is a new version 2.10.38 for some time. However, my installation doesn’t update. I see that the 38 version is already in the store - but shouldn’t this then be updated automatically? Thanks!

Can you link us to the app in the store?

This one? GIMP - Official app in the Microsoft Store

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please stop posting “according to AI” answers. those chatbots are not always correct and sometimes even more wrong than correct.


Unless it’s against the rules of this site, I will post AI information in quotes as I think fit.

Was the posted information incorrect?

In this case, yes. :slight_smile:

For GIMP 2.10, the Microsoft Store installer is basic and doesn’t fully integrate with all the store features (like auto-updates). Bruno Lopes has done a lot of work to fix this for GIMP 3.0, but it likely won’t be backported to the 2.10 installer.

Most if not all AI systems don’t really understand context properly. They are basically guessing “oh yeah usually in this context I saw this and now think you also want that”. Yes they are sometimes correct with that.

Furthermore many of those AI models are garbage in garbage out. They learned e.g. from reddit and took joke posts as serious. This is how we ended up with e.g. AI suggesting to use glue to ensure that cheese doesn’t slide off the pizza. or that you should eat rocks. Because they trained from “the onion” as well.

So in a way they are way worse search engines. But every company now wasted billions on the hardware and the training. so they are like “now we have to do something with our investment” and push it onto people. So those results often require being even more vigilant with using our own brain to decide “does this answer actually make sense” than search results. Until search results got ruined with tons of AI generated pages.

So if you insist on using AI for your replies. At least verify them to ensure that they really help the user.

Verification is the prerequisite for developing a good helpful answer. Otherwise, it is just noise. If the original poster must verify the answer themselves, this means it is not immediately useful. We would like to avoid the confusion and extra work on the community’s part. The redeeming thing is that it has at least been attributed as AI, but that makes it an advertisement.

I stand corrected. Original response removed.

And I agree about verification. This very day I was chatting about lightmeters, asking how they convert foot candles to EV. It gave me a formula that had a constant of 1/10 in it. I asked how that was derived and it said it was a simplification of 1/4.3056 - close enough for practical photography … a whopping ~1.2 EV difference!

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Original text retained, with information from AI response removed, to preserve context of thread.

now i am curious why you keep removing your original answer when an admin had restored it?

I don’t like people editing my posts without prior discussion. If the admin chooses to re-edit it, I’ll let it stand this time.