Gimp gimp gimp !! :o)

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so, why is this a challenge to RT/DT and not a bug report to the now broken plugin that you are happy with?

converting a RAW to a high quality image takes time. Both RT and DT try to be as fast as they can, but there’s no magic in there. If the speed is not acceptable for you, I think wou will have better luck with a solution that trades efficiency for quality.

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Well, for a person who is opposed to pop-ups, you seem to really like them :wink:


Look at it this way, Gimp 2.9.5 at the moment will only permit DT/RT to open a RAW image from the Gimp File -> Open menu.

Which is fine if you want to use DT/RT I do not have any issues with DT/RT

I would prefer to use a much simpler interface, which if you look at earlier posts (no. 2) one is shown. The plugin still works, but not from the Gimp menu.

You are correct, I need to submit a bug report, but it needs to go to the Gimp maintainers not the plugin.

As far as I am concerned, I found out what I needed, how to get an image out of DT/RT and into Gimp. Close the window. No more discussion required.

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Ok, all good then! :slight_smile:

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I read most of the thread, but did not see a valid response while I just exercised this feature yesterday with rawtherapee-5.2.

  1. Click on the upper right “preferences” icon.
  2. Click “General” tab and look at the bottom.
  3. Should see a section called “External Editors”, and my installed version seems to list “The Gimp” statically as an option. (Unknown if this option is static, or rawtherapee automatically detects your installed image editors, such as The Gimp.) Make sure The Gimp is selected.
  4. While editing an image, type “CTRL + e” will save the image to your temporary folder as a TIFF, preserving 16-bit color. (My temporary work folder is /tmp or /home/roger/tmp.) You’ll likely want a listing of all the possible keyboard shortcuts, else it is kind of difficult to perform these actions likely without application buttons. Search for “rawtherapee keyboard shortcuts”. Or,
  5. Immediately after the image is saved (in my case, to /tmp), the image is piped to an instance or tab of The Gimp.

By the way, “CTRL + e” is interpreted as “edit current image within external editor”, or my preferred lingo would be more simplistic “export image”!

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Does it really say “The Gimp”? The image editing program is called GIMP, not “The Gimp”, so if it’s as you say then it needs fixing.


“Bring out The Gimp.” :rofl:


Here he is! Bring_Out_the_Gimp_by_The_Russian-560x389

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Currently I have GIMP 2.9 set up to use darktable, PhotoFlow, and RawTherapee as possible raw processors.

AFAIK any raw processor can be used to open raw files directly from GIMP 2.9. But to make this happen, the raw processor developer does need to use the new GIMP code for connecting the raw processor to GIMP’s image import dialog: - note added: this is the wrong link, not sure how I managed to put a “C” after the “786100”, but @rich2005 very kindly posted the correct link below.


It is this one I posted it and got knocked back.

Natterer said “Add that single line gimp_register_file_handler_raw() to the nufraw code”

Of course it is more complicated (at least to my eyes) than that.

Since I seem to be the only one here, who simply wants something that just opens a RAW file in Gimp, I took the easy way out and disabled the offending plug-in file-raw-placeholder until nufraw is updated.
Back to opening a RAW file in 2 or 3 seconds.

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Hi @rich2005 -

You aren’t the only one! Sometimes (actually fairly often) all I want to do is open a raw file very quickly, to make very minimal changes and transfer the result to GIMP. For these occasions, nufraw would be my raw processor of choice. So hopefully the nufraw developer is reading this thread.

I agree with you. At least in my experience modifying code is always “more complicated than that”. I downloaded the nufraw source code a few days ago, and quickly realized I didn’t want to try modifying the code. Though the modifications I had in mind were probably more complicated than adding code for being registered as a GIMP plug-in: I wish nufraw provided the AMAZE interpolation algorithm, and it would be nice if nufraw could output 32f in addition to 16k.