Gimp hip hip... pas RT hurrah !


I only tested with GIMP.COM build.
If you want to test:

  • download the dev build from Uninstall previous version and install dev.

  • download file-rawtherapee.exe from same location. replace the original one in your GIMP installation

  • launch GIMP and select rawtherapee in preferences.

  • open a raw

  • report


(lux) #22

thank you gaaned92
I will try tonight.

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Eurêka, it works very well !

No problem at all,

Thanks a lot gaaned92 !

(MareroQ) #24

Hi André.

Are you planning a new RT version for Vista 32 bit?

The current version RawTherapee_5.5_WinVista_32 does not work on my computer running Windows Vista Home 32 bit SP1- [1]*.
My the last working version on RawTherapee is 5.0-r1-gtk2_WinXP_32.
After a simple diagnosis RT 5.5, I found that the problem is related to three dll libraries:

  • libgmodule-2.0-0.dll - [2]
  • libpangoft2-1.0-0.dll - [3]
  • libharfbuzz-0.dll - [4]

I changed these libraries in RT 5.5 for those for coming from RT 5.0-r1-gtk2_WinXP_32. and now I can run RT 5.5.
It is still there a small problem with the context menu - the message [5] pops up but after it is closed, RT 5.5 starts.

Thank you gaaned92 for your work.

Best wishes and happy New Year:

ps. [*] number on the screenshot


I fear that building for windows 32 bits will become more and more difficult.

  • Firstly , for a while now, 32 bits rawtherapee is no longer maintained.
  • Secondly, as the MSYS2/mingw32 used to build 32 bits versions is updated, the different dependencies may become incompatible with some windows versions. for instance, DWrite.dll should be provided by Windows32 .

Not being a developper and able to reproduce on my PC as it works ok here, I have minimal possibility to help.
I can suggest you:

  • copy somwher the working dlls, and each time you install a new version, replace the dlls in the installed RT

  • perhaps upgrade win vista to SP2 if it is an option.

Sorry for not very helpful in this situation.

What is the last Rawtherapee version compatible with your system?

(Christopher J Dubea) #26


Tried your suggestions as well. I was not successful.

There is no rawtherapee to select in the import/export section of preferences.

The file-rawtherapee.exe you suggested to download was approximately 8k in size where the original is some 47k. Seems to suggest something is awry.



(MareroQ) #27

Hi André.

Thank You for the very quick answer.

In my Windows Vista 32 bit SP1, there is no DWrite.dll file (but I found the correct one for my system on the internet - DWrite 6.1.7601.21935
I tried the RT 5.3 version in your compilation and it works fine.

So I will keep the files:

  • libgmodule-2.0-0.dll - 2.54.3 (RT 5.3)
  • libpangoft2-1.0-0.dll - 1.40.11 (RT 5.3)

Unfortunately, it still does not work in my GIMP 2.10.5 32 (probably the last version for Vista 32 bit compiled by Samj) file-rawtherapee.exe plugin (although I tried versions with 2.9 and 2.10.6)
I can only open raw file in RT 5.5 and send it to GIMP.


file-rawtherapee.exe is built as part of GIMP, that I am only able to build for 64bits. Thus I cannot provide a 32 bits version.
Perhaps when correction will be commited to GIMP, somebody could build a 32 bits GIMP. that can launch RT :thinking:


The size of downloaded file-rawtherapee should be 427k (original being 47k)
There was a problem while you downloaded the file.

(Christopher J Dubea) #30


I right clicked on “file-rawtherapee.exe” in Chrome and did a file save-as. This evidently saved the html as the file. Clicking on file-rawtherapee opened the window for file download…

It works now, thanks.

Is there any way to eliminate this command message at the culmination of the import?


Thanks again!


(Ingo Weyrich) #31

That’s fixed in dev




Now with the modification of file-rawtherapee.c, it is possible with the build to open raw files with Rawtherapee.

I tried with your 2.10.8 build, replacing the original file-rawtherapee.exe with the one I built with Windows/MSYS2.
When starting GIMP, Rawtherapee is registered as a raw processor, but it fails to open a file as it is not even called.
I Don’t know how to test.
Have you an idea of what is happening?


I can’t say what’s happening without looking at the logfile. Can you send it to me?

    You'll find the logfile in your $TEMP folder. The logfile is named runGIMP-2.10.8-std-(long series of numbers).log and your $TEMP folder is usually C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp.





Thanks to have a look

  • from the error console
   GIMP Error
Calling error for procedure 'gimp-file-load':
Error opening file C:\Users\Andre\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\tmp\gimp-temp-98000.tif: No such file or directory

  GIMP Error
Opening 'D:\PHOTOS\test\_DSC4024.NEF' failed:

Raw Nikon plug-In could not open image


The logfile is clean and the
plugin is recognized and registered.

    It seems like the plugin is having difficulty finding the temp

file created during implementation?


I think the plugin file-rawtherapee.exe is not even called.

In order to have more information, could you explain how to write log messages in your Gimp log file from file-rawtherapee.exe .

@heckflosse @agriggio could you also help me to insert debug/verbose messages inside file-rawtherapee and a way to activate/deactivate them (environment variable?)