gimp histogram missing ( new from visible )

Hi All,
I’m confused because in Gimp when I make “new from visible” in the new layer I have not any histogram. Am I missing something??

On a normal layer

On the new from visible

You are not comparing the same things.

Your first histogram is of the image, the second includes the white border, and that’s what is dominating the second histogram - it’s just a single bar on the maximum value. The rest of the bars are too small to see.

OK, it could be but if I export as jpg in Geeqie or Rawtherapee I see an histogram which make sense.
Therefore is a scale matter in gimp, isn’t it?

In Geeqie

In Rawtherapee

You have the GIMP histogram in Linear mode - try it in Logarithmic mode

:+1: however remain why Geeqie and Rawtherapee are so different