GIMP IPTC metadata editor equivalent of "keyword" in photoshop?


I would like to know how to add keyword in GIMP like how Photoshop add keyword.
In photoshop tutorial, I see that there are “keyword” entry under IPTC metadata.
But there are no such thing in GIMP IPTC metadata editor.

Adding keyword is use in shutterstock website.

I don’t have ps or shutterstock account. So I cannot verify if the entry are equivalent. Asking for a friend. Thanks.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Hmm, good question.

For reference, IPTC keywords:

I gave GIMP-2.10.4 a test. There is a “Keywords” section, but nowhere does it say where it’s stored. Testing shows they’re stored as XMP. Metadata handling was buggy. Time to write some bug reports:


Buggy in what way? Anyway I will request for keyword functionality in IPTC.
Edit: I think I found your bug report.

I don’t know where shutterstock read keyword metadata.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

I added several issues, the most-relevant of which is