Gimp is great software

Hey guys your software is great, did you notice a big increase in downloads… There are guys using your software as a 3 party for their plugins…

If you guys were smart you would start charging a fee Becouse your software gimp is worth it and for all your hard work you put in…

Just saying Becouse other are making a mint on it you should also…

Can you link to such software?

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GIMP as a plugin is a bit new to me. Is it all that feasible? I can see Python being used as a bridge though to communicate between softwares.

Why does this sound like some type of sales pitch?


Because it probably is

On the gimp is great software point I agree , assuming it stays free I think it should be used more in education,name would not worry students but … The more empowered students would be quite competitive later using closed source software if employers asked them to

a nice try maybe on the sales pitch point

I’m not adverse to capitalism so long as it doesn’t destroy the planet, gimp is best free

maybe creative commons ought to be extended to business start-ups

I assume it’s supposed to be a carnival joke: Commercialize Gimp?!?
If someone thinks they need to support Gimp financially, feel free to do so.
The essence and heart of Gimp and all the other opensource software is that it is free, for anyone in the world who wants to use it. And that should absolutely stay that way.
Gimp is very good. I left Photoshop years ago, not because it was bad, but because I find the way of Gimp much better, and there it is not hard for me to do without one or the other. My photos live by the performance of the photographer and not by the magic of a software.
But everyone is free to find the tools that suit him.
Gimp suits me.