Gimp not working [Mac]

Hi there
I’m new to this forum so not sure I’ve put it in the correct category.
I’m struggling with the gimp software on my Mac.
It just isn’t working.
I use it for editing images for laser engraving photos.
It won’t crop the photos or put a filter on them.
Absolutely nothing is working anymore.
I’ve redownloaded it. Updated everything but it still won’t edit images.
Could anyone help?
Thank you!

Your configuration file is probably corrupted. Check on you system in these locations
In OSX: /Users/{your_id}/Library/GIMP/2.10/
or possibly /Users/{your_id}/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.10/
(this could depend on the GIMP build you use). (a.k.a. NSApplicationSupportDirectory/GIMP/2.10)

rename the file , just add the word ‘old’ to it for testing. then start gimp and see id the issue is resolved