Gimp on Huion Kamvas 13

Hello to everyone, I dont know if I am at good place and sorry for my English. I am new here and I just bought Huion Kamvas 13 for my daughter. She is almost 10 years old and want to use graphical tablet for her sketches. I came here for some sort of help with adjusting Gimp on my Kamvas. I would like to know how to add all features of this tablet to Gimp like strenght of using pen (now it works like clicking on mouse) or any other function for better using this device like adding functions for programmable press keys (like copy, paste, eraser, etc.)
Maybe you can tell any other improvments that I cant get to my mind, any sort of help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Your main diagnostic tool is the Devices dialog (Windows > Dockable dialogs > Device status ). It looks like this:


Without a tablet, or if the tablet is not recognized a such, the only device is the Core pointer that lumps together all non-pressure-capable devices.

With a tablet, it looks like this:


The tablet is seen as one or more additional devices, depending on type.

The tablet must be connected before Gimp is started. Also make sure you have a recent driver for the tablet.

This Device status dialog also shows:

  • which tool is associated with each device. You have to select the tool with the device (ie selecting the tools with the mouse won’t change the tools for the stylus).
  • what brush/pattern/gradient is associated with the tool (in the Preferences you can tell Gimp to share them between tools):
  • Pressure sensitivity of a tool is dependent on “brush dynamics”. There are many preset ones, and you make your own:
  • Other niceties are in Edit > Input devices:

    But what you will see there is very dependent on your tablet. As you can see I was able to define two buttons of the tablet to execute Undo/Redo (Ctr-Z/Ctr-Y).
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Thank You very much :slight_smile: