Gimp: pdf import - how to set default resolution?


when I open a PDF file with gimp an window pops up automatically. In this window I can set the resolution - the resolution defaults to 100 pixel. Is it possible to configure Gimp in a way that the default value changes to 200 pixel?


Not in 2.10.4.

You can request such a feature in GIMP’s issue tracker:

Thx for the info.

If your use command line: convert -density 1200 page.pdf -resample 300 page.png

I used
convert -quality 70 -density 300 file_pdf file_jpg
but some pages didn’t work (black areas in the jpg).
Now I have tried pdftoppm and it work with all pages (it did a different convert, but maybe I did not use equivalent settings).


Better test with pdftocairo or inkscape and export to png

pdftoppm -jpeg -jpegopt quality=70 -f 1 -l 2 -r 300 file new
worked for my requirements.
“different convert” means the text looks a little smoother (the pdf’s are mostly text).

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I tried pdftocairo ( kept the arguments from pdftoppm) and I got the same result as I got with pdftoppm (no problems).

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Hi. This thread is quite old now, so I thought I’d just ask. Is it possible now? It’s quite annoying having to change this manually every day. Thanks :slight_smile:

@DaedalusYoung Welcome to the forum!

Are you experiencing a problem? Could you please explain in detail so that someone could help you?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’m importing PDFs into GIMP, but when I open the first one, the default resolution is set to 100 DPI. I need to manually change that to 300 for it to work in my project.
I was wondering if it was possible to just change the default value, so I don’t have to do this manually every time.

The way it is now, I have an image in which I need to paste 4 PDFs. I have to open the first one, change the DPI setting, copy and paste it, then I can open the other 3 all at once and they will import at the correct resolution.
It would be great if I could just open all 4 at once and don’t have to worry about the DPI setting when it’s already at 300 by default.

Perhaps you are using an older version of GIMP…? I have 2.10.18 currently and I get this window when I open a PDF. After changing the DPI, it stays that value when loading the next PDF.


I’m on 2.10.10 actually, I’ll have to check that. I get that dialog, and it stays like that when importing other PDFs, but it doesn’t retain that between sessions. Next time I open GIMP and import a PDF, it’s reset to 100 DPI.

(Edit) - 2.10.14 is the latest I can get on Mac, and that’s still the same, default resolution is reset to 100 when GIMP is closed and reopened.

You are right. It seems that GIMP forgets the previous setting on quitting. Only quitting though; if I keep GIMP open, it remembers, even for new images. If that is still a problem, perhaps confirm or write a bug report. They have so many already, so I am not sure how quickly they would address this bug, but you should do it anyway.

Ok, thanks for your help!

(Edit) It seems the issue already exists:

Our issue is different. The PDF plugin forgets the last DPI setting.

Please check if it isn’t already implemented in the dev branch of Gimp. They added saving of options for a lot of dialogues.