Gimp Photo By Fabio Arturo

Child school AGS backrooms :fearful:

Made gimp and gmic


Please explain what these images are and what is their purpose?

What is “AGS” and what is “AGU”?

I am too old to guess …

AGS mean name aguascalientes city in mexico

Have you done these anaglyphs with a stereo-camera or from a single image?
I have a hard time getting a “real” 3D effect, the offset seems to be too uniform.


Liminal space, sometimes also called backrooms, is a kind of aesthetic.

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Remember zelda I long time I made a photo in 2017 years

Made gimp

Thanks … no good reason for the red/cyan pixel-shifts then. Unless for artistic effect or maybe some sort of 3D.

My cat beautiful :sparkles:

Made in gimp

I make a manual comic book my photo done!! pretty

Made from Gimp and Gmic


Look light beautiful. Where street in aguascalientes mexico. My photo by me.

I made a photo on gimp editor. Made in Gimp

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I like the first picture render with the old camera/liminal style!