GIMP Plugin Error When Attempting Gif Export


I recently upgraded from Gimp 2.8 to 2.10. I’ve used Gimp for years and never had an issue with gifs or images, but since I’ve upgraded to 2.10 I’ve been completely unable to export any gifs. I’ve been trying to export a 125 frame gif at 50ms. It asks me to crop all of the layers to the image borders, to which I select crop. Loop forever on, delay set at 50ms, disposal set to replace. delay/disposal entered for all frames. (have tried all different settings and delay intervals)

Every time I click export, it just throws these two error messages. No matter what settings I pick.



@grimmsmiles Welcome to the forum!

Could you please let us know the exact version you are using and from where you downloaded the installation or archive? Also take a screenshot of your layer list and the export window. The more info we have, the better the chance of us understanding the problem and helping you solve it.

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