GIMP - Publication of Screenshots


I’m wondering where I could find the conditions with respect to including screenshots of GIMP in a publication.


Are you making the screenshots yourself? Or do you want to pull from a library

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My organization is making the screenshots and creating the publication.

I am not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice and I’m not responsible for the results of this statement and you should check the laws of your jurisdiction.

If you’re making the screen shots it should be fine.

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Another non-lawyer here…

Gimp’s website states

Is it legal to sell copies of GIMP?
Yes. The terms and conditions for copying, distribution and modification of GIMP are clearly listed in the GNU General Public License. Redistribution for free or for profit is specifically allowed, as long as the license is included and the source code is made available.

To me, that indicates that as long as post links to the license and to Gimp’s homepage you should be ok.

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Hello, I wrote a book about Gimp with many screenshots, there’s nothing like copyrights involved. Same applies to articles in magazines or websites about software.


Do you know if there is a way to contact the creators of GIMP for further questions?

@Jehan is the current maintainer.

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There is also @patdavid and @prokoudine but I don’t think any of the three of them will tell you differently from what has already been said.

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Correct. You don’t even have to link to link to Although it would be nice to do that and mention that GIMP is free/libre software.

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This link is really about distributing the software itself, not screenshots of this software. There is also some part about reusing images like the logo (Wilber) or other images on the website, for which a license and author is attached, so this should be respected if you want to reuse them (as for reusing any artworks from anyone).

But just screenshots of the software, there is no restrictions whatsoever, even less if you make them yourselves. Just go ahead. :open_hands:

Though as said previously, we do appreciate the software and website being mentioned of course, just out of courtesy. :slight_smile: