GIMP: Realistic Water Refraction Effect?

I have a number of images in the style of “split-shot” or “over-under shot” where the camera lens is half-submerged in water. I am looking for a technique to make the underwater portions of the images actually appear to be underwater. Refraction is the most important, but a light turbidity filter to simulate ocean water would be good too. Anyway, I’m looking for suggestions. Thanks.

@aztrek027k Welcome to the forum. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with that. I wonder if you could share a sample so that we can see what you mean and be of better assistance.

Other software you may consider are G'MIC and Natron. G’MIC often comes bundled with GIMP as a plugin. It may require some updating to get the latest features or filters.

What software are you using?

If you share an example I am sure people will show you some good techniques.

Shares are NSFW =)