GIMP revision is not shown in the registry

Hi team, some revisions of the GIMP software are not shown in the registry. For some softwares, I still see that it has the format [version]-[revision]. Please help notice this case for future releases.
Some softwares that have this issue:

GIMP 2.10.34 revision 1:

GIMP 2.10.34 revision 3:


Why does it need to be in the registry?

Not sure if you mean it doesn’t matter because I’m using Linux

or a technical question about the windows registry whose support would help the use of Gimp in Windows

in a similar way possibly, if you use the free raw processor from your camera manufacturer and
Gimp like how people used Photoshop and Adobe camera raw: I found some error messages when exporting 16 bit tiffs this way, which is the main point of the exercise: to get more bit depth, however if I open it in Windows photos first and save a copy I don’t seem to get them, don’t know how universal this is

not for the purists this and some peoples skillsets might do all this with the Linux OS and raw processors