Gimp saving Tiff file as transparent image

Hi everyone,

So i’m having a few issues trying to export a file from GIMP.
I have an abstract image that is 90% white.

When I try to export this to a tif file from gimp I just get a transparent file at the end. If i export as a jpg everything is fine.

Any ideas why this is exporting as a transparent file???


Hi, would be helpful if you provide the file in question and tell us which version of Gimp you are using, on what OS.

With Gimp 2.10.25 on Linux I can export a white image with just one brush stroke on it without problems to tiff.

Please also provide the TIFF export options that you use.

I can replicate that. The default tiff export is a multi-page tiff. If the bottom layer is transparent then that is what you see in a file viewer.

Turn that option off and the image is flattened much the same as exporting as a jpeg.

If you want to keep the tiff pages and Gimp will open a mult-page tiff as layers then make a new-from-visible and put that layer bottom of the stack, and that is what will show in a file viewer.

Gimp will export transparent regions if all visible layers have the alpha channel activated. If you don’t want that, deactivate the alpha channel or fill the tranparent regions with white.

TIFF and PNG images support transparency (alpha channel), JPEG does not and will show white instead.