GIMP Text Tool - active shortcut keys

Probably cannot do this, but figure it’s an easy question to ask


I have the Text Tool active, and I’m working with text. To bold text in most applications one can type CTRL-B and the following text, or selected text, gets bolded. Same for italics, etc. So far as I can find, one must either click on the Bold control on the Text Tool, then type, then click on the Bold control to stop bolding. As you can imagine, it is quite annoying to have to continually use keyboard, the mouse, then keyboard, etc. if one is entering a fair bit of text one and one wants to use bold, italic, underscore.

Question: are there such shortcuts, or some way to enable/create them? I cannot discover any (the Edit - Keyboard options reference GIMP commands at a larger scope and not command options like these). The Help documentation simply covers what the various options do, but do not mention any keyboard equivalents for them.


Question: are there such shortcuts, or some way to enable/create them?

None I know of. You can enter the whole text, and then Swipe (of double-click words) and Bold the part you want in boldface later.

On the other hand, Gimp isn’t a word processor, If you are entering that much text in Gimp you should investigate using another app such as Scribus.

As I thought. GIMP is my app of choice as the output is .png (I’m creating CD artwork). It’s annoying, but not unusable, so I’ll continue as I have been, typing in all the text, then high lighting what needs to be folded, etc.


If it makes you feel any better, I just checked my CS6 Photoshop and CTRL-B doesn’t work on that either :slightly_smiling_face: