Gimp tool column (left) - change size ?


I recently got a new 14" Laptop with a hi-res screen (2560*1440) and while I LOVE the resolution I have a problem with the GIMP’s tool column on the left. The icons are WAY too small and I basically have to hover the mouse over them and wait to read their description.

Is there a way to get the icons bigger? And maybe also show them all instead of just half of them ?

Thanks in advance

Beachbum - GIMP 3.0 will have correctly sized icons and palattes for HDI displays. If you’re willing, you can now download and use one of the development versions, numbered 2.99.x that should have correctly sized icons and palattes (shouldb on the GIMP download page - you’ll be going outside your distro’s package manager if you do this, of course). An alternative, just saying, is to learn the key-strokes that trigger the tools :slight_smile: Might be handy to create a cheat-sheet of them for handy reference (I say that though I still, after nearly two decades using GIMP, cannot remember to use them myself, just R for rectangle select).

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Thanks for the answer - looks like I have to wait for the 3.0 (which might come in week 36 or in 2036 …) as I am not really experienced installing unstable stuff without a PPA

Almost surely your distro has flatpak installed. If it does, you can install the 2.99 flatpak version (flatpak is now the preferred method for these developmental releases). They are not without issues, however, especially if you rely on 3rd-party apps like G’MIC (which I absolutely must have).

Scroll down and the page provides the instructions, including the instructions for updating a flatpak.

Hope this helps.

Are you using the Hi-DPI icon theme? You should give that a shot

You can use a file gtkrc, make it in your Gimp profile to change some sizes.

As ever with Gimp there is a plugin

Change menu & to make that file for you.

see: menus and dropdowns too small - Page 2 • GIMP Chat

this a before after screenshot(s)

That plugin is python and some linux no longer has the gimp-python package so the gtkrc file might look like this.

gtk-theme-name = “Default”
style “user-font”
font_name=“Sans 14”
widget_class “*” style “user-font”
gtk-icon-sizes = “gtk-menu=30,30”

edit: Sorry that does not really answer your question. The toolbox icons resize is via the Gimp preferences and there are already requests to make the maximum size larger for HD displays. That might never happen with Gimp 2.10

Until a fix, there is always the Tools drop down menu in conjunction with that gtkrc file

The what??

There is no such theme on the menu

Might not be GIMP, might be your distro…
I’m on Ubuntu-MATE (20.04) as you can see on my screenshot, to get HDPI icons in GIMP you might need to tell your DE to go HDPI

I don’t have a 4k monitor, but if I chose HDPI everything is huge even in GIMP…
You might want to take a look at your DE settings!

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What you mean Default ? Of course not that little gtkrc file just modifies whichever Theme you are using.

That’s interesting, but Gnome doesn’t offer this choice - even the tweaks don’t let me chose HiDPI