GIMP user profile & app images

Hey everyone,

So I have stated using the new GIMP appimage 2.10.12

My question is a fairly simple one, I searched the forum but couldn’t immediately find an answer that covers the whole issue.

I would like to have all of my user profile automatically copied so that the new appimage can use it, and I don’t have to manually set this up each time.

I am guessing that this can just be setup in the folders, maybe I can assign a single folder that my app images use. I,m pretty sure that this can be scripted, so that the folder is added automatically to an new appimage upon running the script.

Has anyone one done this yet? if not then can anyone let me know what folders contain the required settings for things like icon size, keyboard prefs, etc etc…

I know things like the folder settings, but i would like to just write a script that sets-up any new appimage with my old settings… I hope this makes sense…

The AppImage uses the $HOME/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10 folder for the user configurations. This was done to avoid conflicts with GIMP versions installed via the package manager.

If you have a working GIMP configuration under $HOME/.config/GIMP/2.10, then you can try to copy all subfolders except the plug-ins one into $HOME/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10.

Plug-ins are a special case. Those that are script-based (for example python plugins) should work just fine with the AppImage, and can therefore be copied into


On the other hand, binary plug-ins installed via the package manager or compiled from sources on your system are generally not compatible with the AppImage, due to the different set of libraries that is used in the two cases.

In this case, you can either use the withpluginsAppImage version, or download and install plugins from here, following the installation instructions in the same release page.

You do not need to re-import your settings if you update the AppImage, it will get the existing ones from $HOME/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10.

I hope this clarifies all your doubts…

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Yup that’s exactly what i needed, thanks for the quick reply…