GIMP versions Explained ?

As per HERE, scattered throughout the choices, I see:

GIMP-(version)-setup exe

and then sometimes also:

GIMP-(version)-setup-1 exe

and even:

GIMP-(version)-setup-2 exe and GIMP-(version)-setup-3 exe

Many times, these -1, -2, -3 versions will be just hours apart.

How do these “dash” versions differ from the plain-Jane version ?

If I wanted version XXX and there were also versions XXX-1 and so forth, should I instead get the “dash” version ?

I hope my question makes sense; thank you.

X = Major version. (Across a major version the Plugin-API is stable. e.g. All plug-ins written for version 2.0.0 will still run in version 2.10.32)
Y = Minor version. (Used for releases with new big features and UI changes)
Z = Maintenance version. (Used for bugfixes and small improvements.

N = Installer version. (Used when nothing has changed in the GIMP source code but the installer. Most of the time this is because of new versions of libraries.)


Thanks; that was very helpful and well explained.

So, do I now understand correctly = the presence of “N” denotes an improvement and the higher the “N” number, the more recently improved, right ?

So, a version with “N” would usually be preferable to the same version lacking “N”, right ?

Yes, the max(N) version is more likely to install a working app than the previous numbered (or unnumbered) ones.

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Thanks !