Gimp3-ML and Gimp 2.99.14 on Linux

Does anyone know if gimp3-ML can works with gimp 2.99.14 (flatpack)?
I have tried without success.

It’d probably take a bit if work, as flatpak has to call external binaries different than if gimp is just in your system.

Thank you!

and is it possible to use the single commands, in particular denoise, from the terminal as single programs?
And if so how?
The following works:

import cv2
import gimpml
image = cv2.imread('sampleinput/img.png')
out = gimpml.kmeans(image)
cv2.imwrite('output/tmp-kmeans.jpg', out)
out = gimpml.deblur(image)
cv2.imwrite('output/tmp-deblur.jpg', out)

(with the command python3

But for denoise i don’t know how to do.


import cv2
import gimpml
image = cv2.imread('sampleinput/tris.jpg')
out = gimpml.denoise(image)
cv2.imwrite('output/tris-denoise.jpg', out)