gimpchat and gimpuser, sites

anyone else having issues with them?? gimpchat returns with "Apache is functioning normally " message, and the page justs times out on gimpuser.

@lylejk or @Ofnuts maybe?

Both work OK for me. What are the IP addreses for GC ( and GU ( + 2a01:4f9:c010:7299::1)?

Btw, GC HTTPS is broken, you have to use plain old HTTP to access it (even overriding the security warning doesn’t work).

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GIMPChat still works; just posted there. Might be your ISP’s DNS server. I use CloudFlare DNS since I don’t like or trust my ISP DNS. Much faster. I’ve tried several, but CloudFlare’s still the fastest. Might not be the most secure as far as them spying on you, but who can you trust? lol


it is a bit of weirdness with https and http connections in my browser.
Got it straightened out now.
Thanks all!