'Glitch' Art Filters - again

(dumb) #1

A lot has been achieved since the last time there was activity in the old ‘glitch art’ thread so here’s another one. In G’MIC I’ve implemented several filters which create messes out of images, based on several ideas from around the forum and a few of my own. The ‘cascading self-glitching’ filter is more or less done though I wanted to allow for custom user-defined commands with each iteration of ‘glitching’; UltraWarp 2 is more restrained that UltraWarp++++; the JPEG artefacts thing offers even more distortion than a standard JPEG encoder but lacks some of the options which encoders like the one in GIMP have (lower-quality chroma subsampling etc), which would work very well with the JIFF self-bomb filter. Both my Shredder and Shifter (just made a pull request for this) filters yield very messy results too and I want to move on to ideas besides this (although I’m still a terrible programmer): JPEG and PNG ‘glitch’ simulation as well as data encoding algorithms and simple bit flips. If it’s possible, various particular databending simulation would be nice to have and play with.

Here’s what my JIFF self-bomber can do. It’s the most jarring of all the filters that I’ve made:


(dumb) #2

I should say that this isn’t intended to be a show and tell thread just for me to flaunt what I’ve done. I would like others to come along and demonstrate or come up with some ideas of where to go next.


Your example is quite difficult to improve on, when already so extremely broken! But at least now when I get an unexpected result, I will no longer immediately dismiss it if it fits this purpose :slight_smile:


My feedback for your glitch filters would be for them to show more restraint. Right now, I feel that many of them are random macro texture generators. Like @garagecoder said, that is fine if your goal is to mangle the image as much as possible. :hot_face::cold_face::dizzy_face::smiling_imp::clown_face::crazy_face::ghost::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:



Have you looked at one of the cli load file command in gmic? It might allow import of files, but I’m not too sure if it too useful for your needs. That’s something I found when I wanted to work on an advanced Overblur/Overline/Sharpen/Blur filter after I learned to manipulate channels.