G'MIC 2.5.x: Krita 4.2 vs gimp 2.8.10 features

(Silvio) #1

Hello everyone,

On Windows 10, CPU Intel I7 6500U (64 bit), 8 gb of RAM, I am testing:

  • GIMP 2.8.10 with G’MIC 2.5.6 (517 official filters available as of today)
  • Krita 4.2 pre-alpha relaease with G’MIC 2.5.6 (517 official filters available as of today)

Just out of curiosity, do you know whether there are some big differences between Krita and Gimp concerning how G’MIC is implemented on both softwares?

At present, I suppose Gimp has an advantage since it is the software where G’MIC has been developed from the very beginning as regards its GUI’s of course (GTK first; QT now).

I am aware there are some missing feateres with Krita.
For instance, with Krita you can not utilize (in the input box of G’MIC) more than one layer for your filters (e.g. very useful for the montage filter). In essence, it looks like you are stuck with only the “Active layer” option.
Currently this option even crashes Krita 4.2 alpha, on Windows 10, if you try to do so.
This same feature has been available with GIMP for ages.

As regards the speed of execution of the G’MIC filters I did not perform any particular test.
Maybe, just a wild guess, they might be faster on Krita since the G’MIC GUIs is now developed with the QT librairies (whereas Gimp runs GTK code for its GUIs)?
G’MIC filters do not leverage the graphic card power (GPU) therefore it is mostly the CPUs which is involved (together with the RAM of your hardware).
just tested both softwares with a jpeg image (2.2 Mb) with the Rodilius (Animated) filter.
Gimp 2.8.10 is sligthly faster: 4.30 minutes; vs Krita 4.2 alpha: 5.56 minutes
If I remember correctly this specific filter should be multi-threaded able.

Thanks in advance for any information on this topic!


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