G'MIC 2.7.0 Post Translation Help

Hello all!

@David_Tschumperle has written a post announcing the 2.7.0 release and includes a large amount of updates!

On the other hand, English is not David’s first language… :wink:

So, I have a hackmd up and am asking for help from everyone in smoothing out the english for the post so we can publish it on the website! Just go here and start fixing things:


If you want, please include your name/handle/link at the bottom of the post and we’ll publish attribution as well for helping out!


And really, thanks by advance for your help !
I’ve written this in French first (as an article for the LinuxFr website), and it already took 3 full days to write it and generate all figures and experiments.
I’ve just passed it to Deepl first, then corrected it a little bit (and Pat did some fixes too). But most of the translation is a bit ugly right now. Any help appreciated.

It summarizes one year of G’MIC development, and I think this could make a nice article to share for English readers too :+1: