gmic 8bf plugin gives weird error all of a sudden, have no idea what changed

I have been using the gmic 8bf plugin (with affinity photo, though I dont think thats relevant here) with success. No issues until today when trying to start the plugin and it gives an error (see image below). I have no idea what changed. Shouldn’t be anything different than last night when I ran the plugin.

My name is not Nicholas, nor is there or has there ever been a user named Nicholas on my computer.


Any ideas why I am getting this and how to fix it?

That error indicates that the second input image for G’MIC-Qt cannot be found.
Did you configure a file as a second input image in the Input/Output Settings for G'MIC-Qt dialog?

That path tells me which file in the plug-in source code the error occurred in.
The Microsoft C++ compiler displays the full path to the file, and I have not been able to make it use only the file name.

If Nicholas isn’t a directory or user, then there is a problem…

That was the issue. Thanks!

It was the issue that pdn_gmic described. I’m guessing the developer’s name is Nicholas. I was seriously concerned my computer had been hacked though, it’s quite alarming to see someone else’s name in an error message!


That will be fixed in the next version.
I changed it so that only the src\win\ImageConversionWin.cpp portion of the file path will be shown to the user.