g'mic anime shine effect



I wish to do that the shine vibrate style anime

I Have each layer with transparent background. Only would wish to know as I can distort the to generate an effect of vibration, without generating too blur


(Mica) #2

You could sketch your light rays in white, then use radial and Gaussian blur to create the effect.


I ask very fast. I attain it with texture glass

It is subtle, but already go it to go improving


Awesome illustration/render. I wouldn’t be able to do something like that in a million years. However, the rays don’t look quite right, glittering like the metal surfaces in the background.

Some random ideas:

  • You could make a brush effect. This tutorial is for Photoshop but could be adapted to your use.

  • If you want to use G’MIC, you could try -lightrays or -brushify. Or you could create a custom command that draws broken lines, dilates them laterally and finishes with a blur.


Looks like the reference image came from

I am not good at reading licenses but could the effect’s code be examined and adapted for G’MIC and other FOSS software?


If I wish to copy this for synfigstudio


This likes me but that what expected to do, seems that the different lights were painted manually.


A marked improvement. The moving textures are a little unusual but maybe that is just your style. Personally, I would keep the details in place but alter the colors and values. I am not an artist, so don’t take me seriously :slight_smile:.


I have to do it subtler and random order and more fast