G'MIC as nodebox nodes plugin

(Anatoly Techtonik) #1

Looks like G’MIC is a perfect plugin for https://www.nodebox.net/node/ image processing but it needs Python wrapper for API.

(David Tschumperlé) #2

Yes, there are actually a lot of similar node-based interfaces where G’MIC could be integrated as one available node (Blender sequence editor would be probably one of my favorites :slight_smile: ).
Today, we have both C and C++ API for the libgmic, so anyone interested to play with them to create G’MIC plug-ins/nodes for other softwares is welcome !

(Lyle Kroll) #3

It would be cool to have a node interface for G’MIC. Then, I can even create my own custom filters since coder I’m not (but have had some experience with nodes in a past life using Simulink and Labview when I was an Electrical Engineer. Also like the Mathmap node interface (though simple it may be) as well as Photo Reactor (program seldom used but have toyed with it some; created the image process control for an IR simulation shown below). :slight_smile:


It is posble using on blender?


I do like the idea of a GUI/console app/plugin that allows the user to write commands using nodes; i.e. G’MIC not as a node but many nodes. It would be intuitive and tactile (might also be handy on touch devices) and make it easy to keep track of the commands and their arguments. I might add that it would also be great if the user could zoom in and out of verbose levels. I guess it is fun to dream a bit and :wink: at our developers.

(Lyle Kroll) #6

If they ever implement such a gui, again, I can actually implement my own plugins for a change instead of just sharing my flows. Maybe a future project for David and his crew. It’s been done for other interfaces already (Mathmap). :slight_smile: