G'MIC as nodebox nodes plugin

(Anatoly Techtonik) #1

Looks like G’MIC is a perfect plugin for https://www.nodebox.net/node/ image processing but it needs Python wrapper for API.

(G'MIC staff) #2

Yes, there are actually a lot of similar node-based interfaces where G’MIC could be integrated as one available node (Blender sequence editor would be probably one of my favorites :slight_smile: ).
Today, we have both C and C++ API for the libgmic, so anyone interested to play with them to create G’MIC plug-ins/nodes for other softwares is welcome !

(Lyle Kroll) #3

It would be cool to have a node interface for G’MIC. Then, I can even create my own custom filters since coder I’m not (but have had some experience with nodes in a past life using Simulink and Labview when I was an Electrical Engineer. Also like the Mathmap node interface (though simple it may be) as well as Photo Reactor (program seldom used but have toyed with it some; created the image process control for an IR simulation shown below). :slight_smile:

(http://4232.cf) #4

It is posble using on blender?


I do like the idea of a GUI/console app/plugin that allows the user to write commands using nodes; i.e. G’MIC not as a node but many nodes. It would be intuitive and tactile (might also be handy on touch devices) and make it easy to keep track of the commands and their arguments. I might add that it would also be great if the user could zoom in and out of verbose levels. I guess it is fun to dream a bit and :wink: at our developers.

(Lyle Kroll) #6

If they ever implement such a gui, again, I can actually implement my own plugins for a change instead of just sharing my flows. Maybe a future project for David and his crew. It’s been done for other interfaces already (Mathmap). :slight_smile:

(Anatoly Techtonik) #7

I am afraid there are no they, so if anybody wants to push this forward, the first step is to wrap some of G’MIC commands from libgmic into Python. Python is used both in nodebox and Blender, so when Python binding is there, it will be possible to take a next step and wrap it in a nodebox of Blender plugin. Doing an independent node-based interface might be too hard.

To experiment with C + Python + libgmic binding, there is CFFI:


(Lyle Kroll) #8

Still, I can hope, can’t I? lol