G'MIC bilateral smooth operating on selection


(Dario) #1

Is there a way to make a bilateral smooth in G’MIC to apply only to the selection, in Gimp?
Currently it applies to the whole level. I’m running GIMP 2.9.6 and G’MIC-QT 2.1.5.



(Mica) #2

Why not do the following:

  1. Duplicate the layer
  2. Apply gmic filter
  3. Create a layer mask and paint it as necessary

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #3

An addition to what @paperdigits said. Instead of painting in the change, you first save your selection as a channel in GIMP and remove the selection (Ctrl+Shift+A). Now apply the bilateral smooth filter and output it as New Active Layer and apply the layer mask from the selection based created channel and merge down. A bit faster workflow :slightly_smiling_face:

(G'MIC staff) #4

Not sure what is the problem here.
In GIMP, if I create a selection then I open the G’MIC plug-in and apply a filter, the filter is applied only in the selection.
This should be working like this already.

(Dario) #5

Actually I thinks there’s a problem with the Gimp. I’m currently using the 2.9.6 nightly build version provided by the archlinuxcn repository, obviously running on Arch Linux.

Today the problem is even different. The filter is applied to the level correctly, if the level is as big as the image. If the level is smaller, then the filter is correctly applied, but then the level is translated to the up left corner (0,0).
I presume it’s due to some bug in the git code…