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Hello to all,
I use G’MIC 2.7.5 with Gimp 2.10.14 and Windows 10.
I would like to color an old black and white portrait with the Colorize interactive filter but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know why?

@oeta Welcome to the forum.

1 Try updating the filters using the update button.

2 I have the latest 2.8.0 pre. Although 2.7.5 should work, try upgrading. @rich2005 is good at supporting people with older versions. :wink:

afre faith much misplaced. I did a great earlier example but it was the wrong filter.

However: Colorize (intereactive) Win 10 (VM) Gimp 2.10.12 gmic_gimp_qt 2.7.5
Make sure the B&W photo is set to RGB mode. Ok the filter and get something like this.

‘dot’ in the colours you want, Space bar updates. when complete close the Colorize window to return to Gimp.

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Rich2005, Thanks for the reply. My photo was in grayscale. Now I have used a photo Jpg, RGB and 1824x2310 px; it happens that when I open g’mic the words no preview available appear; I still perform “colorize interactive”, appears a copy of the photo with the color palette, I put the dots for coloring but nothing happens, only if I close the copy of the photo is colored. At this point to put another color I have to reactivate “colorize interactive” and this for each color. So it takes a long time.


Space - bar updates the gmic window as you add points.

Edit: Check the instructions in the dialogue


Rich2005, thank you so much, with your help, now everything is perfect.