GMIC Custom LUT, Strength %

Hi Everyone,

So I have tried this with both the appimage, and standard installation of Gimp.
The app image is installed with the GMIC plugin, and with the standard version I installed the Gmic plugin separately.

When I install a custom LUT from the Gmic plugin, the % strength slider has no effect at all.
If this a bug?


I suppose you are talking about the filter Apply External CLUT ? I confirm that the Strength slider seems to be inactive. Looking for a fix.

That should be OK now. Filters have been updated, please try refreshing your filters and tell me if that is working now. Thanks for the report!


I tried in both the app image and local install, Strength setting still has no effect for me.

Works fine here, now :slight_smile:

Manjaro/KDE Plasma

I can confirm that it has started to work here as well…

Nice work!