Gmic executed command details (2.9.6)

IIRC this has been already described somewhere but I don’t remember where,
From 2.9.6 there is no more the possibility to have in Gimp layer the details of the executed Gmic command (text string).
Because it was much useful when writing Gimp scripts (copy and paste in the script the text of the command), I would like to know:
-where can I find the equivalent command text string?
Thanks a lot

In 2.9.6, we have added a button “Copy command to clipboard” that is located next to the “reset parameters” button (top-right). It’s much more convenient that having the command displayed on the layer name.

Thanks David, but excuse my ignorance again:

  • where do I get that text?
    I know a “clipboard image” (or a “clipboard texture”) in Gimp but IDK a clipboard text.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks again
    RESET! It’s a ControlCopy command, hence I can use ControlPaste.
    Solved, thanks.
  • Click on the “Copy Command to Clipboard” button.
  • Go to your text editor, and “paste” the text (usually with CTRL+V).

Yes, I was just updating my previous request. Thanks!