G'MIC experiments on Manjaro ARM Pinephone

Experiments with G’MIC filters on Pinephone

Since the current Pinephone camera app Megapixels (made by martijnbraam) still produces quite noisy images, there was the idea to post-process the images directly on the Pinephone with G’MIC filters to enhance the quality.

Here is the first attempt:

Install G’MIC filters from terminal:

sudo pacman -S gmic

after installation we need to update to the latest version,

gmic update

or we with executing the gui:


when the gui pops up, make sure “Internet” is selected. Then close the gui again since the filters should be updated.

Next step is to take a picture with the Megapixels app.

Then in terminal cd to the pictures folder:

cd Pictures/

On a Linux machine I tried to figure out the best denoise setting and copied the command to the Pinephone.

This command will process all *.jpg pictures in the folder with the denoise setting:

for i in *.jpg; do echo $i; gmic $i -ms_nlmeans_c_noise2_p 3,1,0,0,0,0,0,10,2,4,2,7,0,0,0,0 -o gmic.processed.$i; done

Here the results:


Maybe someone could help speeding up the task, it seems to use only 1 core and took 3m3.104s to process one .jpg, which is a tiny bit too long :wink:


Maybe its a bad approach to post process images on the phone, but I have the slight feeling that proprietary phones even use pre-trained AI libraries to do so as well…
Comments and inspiration welcome…