G'MIC Feature Request: Specify fill direction

I would like to able to choose the direction and orientation of fill. Instead of being stuck from left to right, and top to bottom, I would love to be able to specify different direction and orientation.

Orientation means horizontal or vertically.
Direction means left to right or right to left if orientation is horizontal. Would save me a lot of trouble of avoiding eval in cases of needing this.

Additional request, repeat number. This would be useful for cases with begin variable. Also, repeat shouldn’t remove the value of i!

If fill is not possible, then a new command to address this need?

For a case of this need, rep_streak shows its difficulty to maintain.

By default, the fill command does not guarantee that the evaluation is done continuously from top to bottom and from left to right on the pixels of the image. This is even usually not true if fill decides to perform its evaluation in a multi-threaded way, on multi-core computers.

To force scanline behavior, you can add a > (forward, top to bottom and left to right) or a < (backward, bottom to top and right to left) at the beginning of the expression. For the other rare cases where there is a need for a different scan direction, it is generally more judicious to use a mirror command just before and after the fill, to symmetrize the image so that you go back to a more traditional forward or backward scanline.

I was going to say the same thing. In other words, keep it simple but it looks like you have solved the problem your own way. BTW, the description here is much clearer than in G'MIC exercises. :+1: