G'MIC filter Ink Wash command values



I am trying to use the filter Ink Wash but would need to know what the commandos look like that are sent by default when using the filter in the editor

What are the values and on which parameters?
I am trying to use this filter in G’MIC installed on a Linux terminal, but can’t find the info…

What I mean is, what would be the values in the following string to get the Ink Wash effect:
gmic -input test.jpg pencilbw[-1] 2,2,0,0,0 repeat 2 smooth 40,0,1,1,2 done -normalize_local 2,6,5,24,1,0,255 -output testo.jpg



The best way to explore is to use the G’MIC GIMP plugin. You can copy the defaults from there or output the command to the layer name using the verbose setting. There is also a custom code filter where you can test your code.