G'MIC for Android?


I just found this when looking at G’MIC issues - https://github.com/2night/gmic-android-example

Is this a dream coming true?


I think you could always integrate CImg and G’MIC into your own apps.

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If you use Termux, a great terminal emulator for android, gmic, the CLI version, is in their repo.


I thought of that too. I wonder if it could display the interactive viewer… Something for @Reptorian to try, I guess. :wink:

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I compile and run in emulator: is very low… but work (?)
i don’t use mobile phone.



If it works, then G’MIC for android may be almost official. The thing is though interface and insertion of image layers need to be worked out.

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Your could do all this in HTML5 and afterwards happen a dump PNG to the gmic to apply effects.