G'MIC Fourier Transform node - issue/bug?

So I’ve recently been exposed tot he pretty awesome FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) node in Nuke, and was curious if Natron had anything like it. Well we have the GMIC_Fourier_Transform node that looks like it offers two different forms of Fourier transformation, and I got super excited at the possibilities that this could open up for Natron users; however, after transforming the image into a Fourier pattern I, and following the node directions to stick a second node after it to transform (invert) it back does not seem to work. It just applies a second Fourier transformation on top of the first. I’ve tried adjusting dozens of node settings in the hope that it would reverse the process, and even watched the Gimp YouTube tutorial the node it self references about using the Fourier transform, but nothing I can find transforms(inverts) it back. If the node is functioning as intended, then what am I missing, and if it is not functioning, could someone please just add an inverse option to the node so a user could manually pick and choose when they wish to transform it back just like in the referenced YouTube video vs being reliant on an auto-detect system that currently seems to be broken.