G'MIC fun with afre

More afre_cleantext fun~!



Re: New shadows/highlights tool with enhanced halo control. How about this @Carmelo_DrRaw? :upside_down_face: Changed one value and this happened!



Are those microbe? This might be useful as a microbe texture generator. Please share this, so that I can have a microbe generator in g’mic.

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More gradient_norm fun! Applying an exercise from G'MIC exercises.

Had more fun with post #24. This time with the cute sp chick.

Still picking on sample david. This time with afre_edge from afre's G'MIC diary. If you boost the details above 1, you get a web-like effect.


PS The command / filter has been pulled but isn’t available with an update. The delay might have to do with the servers being refreshed slowly or recent troubles updating commands / filters. In other words, be patient.

That picture need colors, I say. Imagine that.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ve done this because I have been playing around with trying to get good edges as well.

Combining afre_y50 or afre_orien with afre_softlight from afre's G'MIC diary gives you fun results.


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It’s a bit rough, I’m thinking there is some way it can be used for stimulating artworks.

@afre -Yes, I like the pup’s new variety of fluffiness.

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Been fiddling with afre_gleam, dillydallying really, and making it break. What fun! Image credit goes to @s7habo (thread).

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The timing and similarity. Did you combine the cli I have made with skeleton?

No, I didn’t. I made it using variance_patch 3 skeleton.

Ah, also I think @Joan_Rake1 might be interested. It vaguely remind me of computer glitches.

Looks like a transit map to me, a rather large one at that. Interstellar?