G'MIC fun with afre



Edit #1: I removed Neon from the title since I intend to add fun new effects that I discover along the way. Feel free to share and discuss interesting stuff you have come across that don’t fit into the one-liner challenge thread (see link in original post below).

Edit #2: This is intended for new effects that you have made either from scratch or on top of other filters. Doesn’t have to be unique; just fun.

Error with updated Neon command inspired me to play around with the idea of neon lights. I started from scratch and came up with something interesting. It isn’t a One-liner challenge qualifier, so I decided to share the results.




zombie lisa

G'MIC exercises
(dumb) #2

This is why I (try to) make filters. I’d love to use the code to add some sort of glow and boost glow to it.


I made this thread broader by replacing the word Neon with G’MIC. Feel free to share and discuss random effects that you have discovered. :slight_smile:



[PlayRaw] Mairi Troisieme

I’m a fan or Dream Smoothing.


I refined the purpose of the thread a bit more.


I have yet to try it. Which settings do you typically use?


The default setting usually work well with large images. It can take some time to process however. Here’s an image of my bike, I used 2 iterations setting on this one.


More fun: this time a “blueprint” effect.


[Play Raw] You can run but you can't hide

I discovered that the effect in post #3 has an interesting application. It helped highlight spots that needed healing when I did this PlayRaw entry.