G'MIC fun with afre

Edit: it turned out that my earlier implementation was faster on my machine, not sure why. I’m using 2.4.1. Here’s what I’ve built around that:

#@gui 8-Bit planes : fx_bitplane8, fx_bitplane8_preview(1)
#@gui : Mode = choice("Decompose","Recompose")
#@gui : Split mode = choice("Z layers","Separate images")
#@gui : Scale mode = choice("True","1","255")
fx_bitplane8 :
if $1
if {!$2} s z fi
repeat {int($!/8)} l[$>-{$>+7}]
repeat 8
if {$3==0}
/ {2^$iter} cut 0,1 round 0,1 * {2^$iter}
elif {$3==1}
cut 0,1 round 0,1 * {2^$iter}
elif {$3==2}
/ 255 cut 0,1 round 0,1 * {2^$iter}
endl done
endl done
repeat 8
&[-1] {2^$>} 
if {$3==1}
/[-1] {2^$>}
elif {$3==2}
/[-1] {2^$>/255}
if {!$2} a[^0] z fi
#n 0,255
fx_bitplane8_preview :
fx_bitplane8 $*

Whatever works for you. As I said before, I prefer simple and elegant, short and sweet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I admit that it’s a bit of a mess but it seems to work exactly as I feel it should:

  • An option to keep true values, set values to either 0 or 1 or set them to either 0 or 255

  • Repeats on every 8 slices, doesn’t do anything else

  • Rounds values for idiotproofing (but being G’MIC code, it’s easily-hackable).

  • Options to keep 8 separate images or merge them along the Z axis

Given that in hindsight some of my commands have very questionable design choices (like that extra ‘recompute’ option which the commands require as arguments despite it only having a use to easily refresh any randomising things through the GUI without resetting parameters), I suppose I’ll need to redesign some of the commands I’ve made.

I was having some G’MIC fun yesterday and came up with something interesting. See post #307 of G’MIC exercises for more info. As usual, it is just something that I stumbled upon and so might not be compelling to you. :blush:


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More edge fun. :smile:


It seems interesting to say for the least. Is there a color version? I found out about that I could replicate PS Emboss to a extent though I’m not back with G’MIC as you know why.


That’s emboss toward 3 channel on high depth image.

More fun. This time with a broken afre_dehaze.

Just having fun, officer. Messing with the transmission. A few broken car windows here and there.

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That never worked for me, but it looks like corrupted segments or something. @Joan_Rake1 could describe that better since she’s the resident glitch expert.

Fun with afre_cleantext.

With multiplication.

Result looks like a hybrid of photorealism and manga or pen art.

Vote for the ones you like. :ballot_box_with_check: I apologize for the low quality GIF.


Artistic: lc10, lc20, lc11, lc21, wg0, wg1_
Contrast: wgs0_
Sharpening: wgs1

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I would like to have the lc series, they look rather interesting.

More fftfun!

Vote for the ones you like. :ballot_box_with_check: I apologize for the low quality GIF.


Fg1 series are better in my opinion.

EDIT: Actually, can’t decide here.

I’d love to have the lot with some extra parameters for each.

afre_fft* make good animations (which could benefit from an ease-in speed curve but G’MIC doesn’t have those fine controls from ImageMagick).


Too much power

… Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. …
— John Dalberg-Acton

superadd :astonished:

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More afre_cleantext fun~!



Re: New shadows/highlights tool with enhanced halo control. How about this @Carmelo_DrRaw? :upside_down_face: Changed one value and this happened!



Are those microbe? This might be useful as a microbe texture generator. Please share this, so that I can have a microbe generator in g’mic.

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More gradient_norm fun! Applying an exercise from G'MIC exercises.