G'MIC fun with Reptorian

Now, I decided I want a thread where I will share my images dones with G’MIC-QT using Krita as driver.

Here’s something I just made:

Thorn Fractal Background, and Popcorn Fractal Foreground.



Add animation and a track, and you are on your way to making a pretentious tv series opening credit sequence.

I look forward to entering the world of g’mic once I get a new Linux. Krita runs a bit slow on my macbook and I have no experience using command line. Does g’mic-qt plugin contain all g’mic filters, or just a selection?

Your image makes me think of Mordor, in abstract.

G’MIC-QT as a plugin don’t have all g’mic filters. There are few filters that are exclusive to cli. Often because either best on cli or they’re planned to be part of gui.

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Another fun. This time using a new function I added to Thorn Fractal.


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Just discovered a interesting use of the dla filter. Make it look like comic, but with some style.


I tried using chirikov-taylor equation without the fmod() section on Thorn Fractal. It gives me this:

On a related note, I had completely failed at coding chirikov-taylor for g’mic-qt.

I feel that the bone (i.e. femur and cross like) shapes are throwing the rest of the image off.

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It does, but for this thread, my only rule is to not edit by hand. So, with that rule, they can’t be removed.

Reminds me of pirates: crossbones and x marking the spot. :pirate_flag:

How to add tags again? I’d like to add fun to the tags list.

Also, this is for a Paint.NET competition.


Your thread is now christened as fun.

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Another one for the PDN competition.


Final Entrance


I think I will use this entrance instead:


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I am not convinced. The image seems to be cropped along the edges and therefore incomplete. I suggest you add more breathing room for the shape.

I’m not sure how to do that. Here’s the original.


I’m thinking of submitting this instead by the way.


For some reason, I like what I did here:

Thorn Fractal + Stylize. That is it.


Looks better on the small screen.
Looks like a retro-futuristic entrance.
One that could be found in a video game.
Press key / button and door opens for you.

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I tested to see if I can stimulate another software. It appears that the result is interesting.

Just thought this was funny. This is a snapshot of current work with the transformation part of Perspective Streak. Optimization.

Cross-dimensional travel.