G'MIC Gallery page

(G'MIC staff) #1

Today, I managed to write a G’MIC command that generates a new Gallery page for the web site.
The new page can be seen here : http://gmic.eu/gallery/

It is meant to offer a quick tour of what G’MIC can do on images, and how it can be used from the command line as well. A bit like the reference pages, but focused on more fun and good-looking examples.

As this gallery is generated automatically, we can of course add a lot more examples.
I’m wondering if you would have some ideas to improve this page (or even better, some nice examples of invocation to add!). What kind of things would you like to see there ?

I’ll try to add some nice examples later in the evening, any fresh idea is welcome :slight_smile:


It might also be a good way to find (visual) bugs :slight_smile:.

(G'MIC staff) #3

I’ve worked a lot on this today :slight_smile:
I’ve added :

  • Before / After preview.
  • Categories ( arrays, artistic, colors, deformations, filtering, patterns, 3drendering ).
  • More examples!
  • Support for filters that render frames -> displayed as animated .gif.
  • Display of the computing time for each filter.

That is starting to look good!

(G'MIC staff) #4

I think I’m almost done with the gallery.
I’ve added another category Code samples, which is intended to show some examples of animations and still images that can be obtained with ‘simple’ .gmic scripts :


You are welcome to participate and share your own scripts, I’d be happy to include them in the gallery if they are cool enough :slight_smile: